Commercial fencing: for better property control

Provide your businesses with optimal security!

You own a business and you want to control access to your commercial buildings or parking lots? At Clôtures Summum we have the right fencing products for your needs. Whether for a business, an outdoor event or public facilities, we have a wide selection of fences of all types.

Chain link fences

Mainly used in commercial, municipal or institutional projects, chain link fences offer superior sturdiness and durability. Ideal for delimiting tennis and baseball fields, schoolyards or any other municipal facility, this kind of fence allows the site to be delimited and controlled in addition to providing additional security.

Ornamental fences

You wish to secure a place or a building without altering the charms of the place. Ornamental fencing is the obvious option. Combining robustness and elegance, it enables you to exercise control without altering the architectural look of your buildings.

Architectural fences

Discreet and European in design, architectural fencing is the solution when you are looking for effective protection and good visibility. Perfect for municipal buildings such as libraries, sports facilities or playgrounds, they combine aesthetics and efficiency.

Steel panel fences

You have certain institutional products or facilities that you want to keep out of sight. Steel panel fence is what you need. Completely opaque, this type of shielding allows you to control what is seen and what is not seen, in addition to being exceptionally resistant.

Wooden fences: for a rustic yet modern style

Combined with steel components, wood fences can easily be integrated into rustic or more modern styles. You want to erect a fenced enclosure for the garbage you apparently have from your block? Wood is perfect for this project. You like the wood style, but you hesitate because you want the opacity of steel panels? Don’t go without for so little! Indeed, we can provide you the same opacity with a wooden fence.

So, whether it is for a municipal or institutional fencing. For civil engineering projects or in relation with the Quebec Ministry of Transportation’s work, at Clôtures Summum we have the very best products in the Quebec fencing industry.

Cutting-edge technologies for your protection

Whether you need to purchase or install industrial quality fences, we have the expertise you need to complete all your projects. With two teams of employees with over 15 years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, Clôtures Summum is committed to delivering superior quality projects.

Protection and Control: for a safe working environment

Thanks to our many criminal institution-related projects, we have acquired a solid skill set and unfailing expertise. So, whether it is for a penitentiary, an airport, a construction site or an institution site, offer a work environment that combines protection and logistical support. Adequately protect your employees and equipment.

Looking for 4′ or 12′ galvanized chain link fences with or without barbed wire? We have products for you. Add motorized sliding doors or swing doors to optimize logistics and increase your efficiency.

For an unparalleled work, at the height of your expectations and requirements, let us realize your projects.

Clôtures Summum, we’re at your service!


Libraries, schools, parks, water treatment centers, protect your municipal buildings with high quality fences. At Clôtures Summum, our team of specialists takes the time to listen to you and guide you to products that meet your needs. Our durable, robust and hardwearing fences will protect your municipal facilities efficiently and optimally. Your facilities and the safety of your citizens are two very important factors. Leave nothing to chance and offer yourself secured premises.


Prisons, ports, federal buildings, airports, specialized companies, power plants… Many institutions require a high-performance security system to secure their premises, control access and protect their operations. This is why at Clôtures Summum we offer you superior quality fences at the cutting edge of technology. Robust, durable and meeting the industry’s strictest standards, our fences will adequately protect your facilities.

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