Secure your property with our residential fences

Frost and residential fences: where elegance and security are synonymous

Symbol of elegance and durability, a fence is a long lasting and aesthetic solution in response to a need for security and privacy. In addition to increasing the value of your property, installing a fence allows you to control access to your home, backyard or pool.

Do you have pets? Children at an early age? Secure your property and have peace of mind. At Clôtures Summum, we work with prominent architects and landscape contractors to ensure that your fence fits perfectly with your property architectural style.

Glass fences: a trendy and contemporary style

You wish to secure the access to your swimming pool or the perimeter of your terrace without depriving yourself of the view? Glass fences are the ideal product for you! Both trendy and contemporary in style, they blend in perfectly with the landscape of your property. Combining aesthetics and sophistication, tempered glass fences are a premium quality product which offers strength and security features in addition to being ultra shock resistant.

Clotura and slats: the traditional frost fence

Timeless, the mesh fence has remained for many years the number one choice of many owners. If these basic components remain the same, its style has nevertheless adapted to the taste of the day. Offering excellent value for money in addition to being available in a wide range of colours, slatted mesh fences are durable and require no maintenance. They are an excellent option when it comes to combining aesthetics, privacy and security. Furthermore, supply and delivery is always done quickly and we always have a large number of products in stock.

Pool fences

Swimming pools are always attractive, especially to young children. In order to avoid drowning hazards and in accordance with the Quebec government’s official document on residential pool safety regulations, you must secure access to your pool. To do so, opt for the installation of a pool fence by professionals. Whether you want to control access around an in-ground or semi in-ground pool, patio or platform attached to an above ground pool, choose a fence that combines functionality and strength. Come visit our showroom and select the product that will best match the design of your property and your needs. Mesh, wood, glass or composite fencing we have a wide choice just for you.

Ornamental fences: stylish and sturdy

Symbol of elegance and durability, ornamental fences enhance the value of your property. For your ornamental fencing projects in galvanized steel or aluminum, we offer a wide choice of maintenance-free and corrosion-proof products such as Renaissance, Oasis, Sefaco, Iron and Eagle brands. With over 125 residential projects per year, we are the reference in ornamental fencing installation.

Architectural fences: the European style distinction

In a slightly more European style, the architectural fences offer distinction and originality. Almost impossible to climb, they are a sure value in safety as well as suitable for a wide range of uses. They can be used as fencing for parks, parking lots, bike paths and more.

Its reinforcement pleats offer increased strength while its panelling provides maximum visibility. Its installation is simple and economical. Made from pre-galvanized polyester coated steel mesh panels available in four standard heights of 1.2 m, 1.5 m, 1.8 m and 2.4 m (4, 5, 6 and 8 ft.).

Protect your property from prying eyes with steel panel fencing

The opaque, full privacy steel panel fences are durable and remarkably strong. You wish to keep your garden out of the neighbours’ sight? This type of fence is for you. If you choose this option, you will be able to enjoy your yard in the most intimate and complete way. What’s more, thanks to steel panels, the noise coming from the neighbouring area is reduced so you can enjoy your terrace in peace and quiet.

Wooden fences: for an infinite number of styles!

For a more natural style, wood fences are the perfect choice. You think that wood can only be integrated into a rural architectural layout? You have no idea! A much more malleable material than steel, wood can be used to create all kinds of fences for all styles. For an opaque fence, merge the panels or separate them for better visibility. And why not mix wood and glass or wood and steel for a more contemporary look? With wood fences, the only limit is your imagination!

Composite fences for unparalleled longevity

Resistant to weather and color changes, composite fences offer unparalleled longevity. Maintenance-free, light and stylish, they offer an excellent price-quality ratio. In addition, one of the advantages of choosing a composite fence is that you can combine many accessories such as mesh, a gate or a pergola for better cohesion between the components.

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